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Exclusive Premiere: Axiom Tha Wyze – “Keys to the City”



Today, we proudly present to you the exclusive premiere of Boise, Idaho rapper Axiom Tha Wyze’s “Keys to the City” (feat. Darian Reneé & Sayso). Bouncy and jam-packed with bars, “Keys” comes from the conscious Idahoan emcee’s forthcoming Imminence Records debut,  Kiss Tha Chef, which is set to release September 15th.

“‘Keys to the City’ is a great summer vibes type track, when Auzomatik hooked me up with that beat, I knew instantly the energy I wanted to capture. After my verse was recorded I specifically asked my dude, Sayso, to come drop some heat, and after listening to the track a few times he just went in the booth and laid it down. Once Darian topped it off, the track was golden!” – Axiom The Wyze


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About Axiom Tha Wyze

Long ago when the world was in peril, a culture rose from the ashes and rubble to bring a voice to the misfits of the land. A culture rooted in brotherhood, art, and style. Few were chosen to lead this culture and the ones that did contained it’s spirit in 4 physical elements: DJ’s – Emcees – B-Boys/B-Girls – Graffiti and the fifth element that hold them all together, knowledge. This culture was referred to as Hip Hop. Through the generations the spirit of Hip Hop was passed like a torch to many, some carried it with pride while others used it for foolish and selfish gain. Those that chose the righteous path have lived in the shadows, guiding the spirit through the ages teaching the starving misguided youth the ways of Hip Hop. Now one Emcee emerges from the smoke to bring the fire and passion of the originators back to the culture, his name is Axiom Tha Wyze. This Boise Idaho native has learned from the masters and strives to perfect his craft to bring you the raw rugged style of the legends before him and uplift his generation for the sake of peace, love unity and having fun.






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