Track-By-Track: Lydia Can’t Breathe – ‘Tastes New’


Rowdy, raucous, and playfully rancorous: this is the recipe used to create the exact soundscape that is produced by Lydia Can’t Breathe. Progressive riffs and a raw, southern hardcore stylization make up the bulk of this outspokenly rambunctious Floridian five-piece hard-rock outfit’s ethos, pathos, and logos. A party-antic band, Lydia Can’t Breathe is most notably known for their wild live shows (for example, dressing up like Star Wars characters is an apparently regular occurence), but what they’ve also been known for is their finely-tuned artistic compulsion for harsh, uninhibited noise-core approach. Hence, our interest and intrigue in their latest effort Tastes New, in which the band has taken a completely alternative approach to their aural assault, opting for grating shouts and progressive instrumentation à la de-tuned guitars, with an overtone of heavy break downs and catchy riffage. The change, most will find, is openly welcomed.

Today, we have the immense pleasure of hosting the official track-by-track commentary of Tastes New, penned by the band themselves! For your convenience, each track is embedded with its corresponding descriptor- all for the betterment of your audio/visual entertainment. Enjoy!

“Rise As One”

This song is about standing up for yourself with your brothers and sisters to a higher power, such as the government, and overcoming their power as a group.

“Adventure Out”

The song was written after a night out with my drummer Josh. It is based on a guy meeting an attractive female while out with his friends. After pursuing her, the two hook-up. However, the guy moves on quickly and she is left upset thinking about what they could have had. We wanted to write something relatable from both perspectives- as an example of how love can be cruel and one-sided at times. This song is ultimately about the trials of finding love and realizing things are not always what they seem.


This song is about the men and woman that serve us in the United States military. It talks about how, when we go to fight a war, we fight to win and sacrifice for our loved ones back home.


This is a song about two of my friends that got caught driving with drugs and went to jail. The title “Zebra” came from the black and white suit you wear in jail.

“Have Mercy”

A song about how you can do so much for someone (a loved one or a friend) and them not even noticing, showing any sympathy or gratitude for all you do for them.

“187 Stupid”

[“187 Stupid”] is about that bad day at work that everyone has, when you just want to kill everyone because they suck at their job or just at life. The song tells a story about a man named George that has had enough of his day and is going to kill everyone!


It’s about the music industry and the way they try to trick you into playing their corrupt game. You never know if people are really your friend, or [if they’re] just trying to make money off of you in this business. This is based off of some of our experiences with people in the industry.


A stoner song about making and eating food with pot in it! Then eating too much!

Tastes New”

The title track from the album. It’s LCB’s love song! I wrote it about experiences with my girlfriend as well as relationships in general. “Tastes New” comes from the feeling you get when you first realize you love someone.


A song about our youth and the path they chose. Its about what is taught to young people and how they can change the world for good, or for evil.

“She Deserves”

[This song is] about a very beautiful girl that uses her looks to get what she wants. She gets around and is always getting wasted causing trouble were ever she goes.

“Mother Fxcker”

“Mother Fxcker” is our fight song! This is about when a person tries you and you can’t let it go, and you have to kick their ass- simply because they’re a Mother Fxcker!

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