Track-By-Track: Fifth Freedom – ‘Heartbreak & Hellfire’

There’s soulful southern rock.

There’s classic rock revivalism.

And then there’s Fifth Freedom.

Fifth Freedom is a band that wears its heart on its sleeve and isn’t afraid to act accordingly. Though hailing from Maine, it is easy to hear the band’s sound is deeply rooted in the south. From their high gain riffs with the southern swagger you hear the echos of their ’70s forefathers, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd or Blackfoot, with the modern attack of Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown, to the Black Crowesy lead vocals. In short, this band is an honest, true blue, rock and roll band with soul to burn.

Their sophomore album Heartbreak and Hellfire can almost be listened through as a ‘Rock Opera’ or concept album. It tells a story in the form of snapshots over time of what the band and mainly frontman Alan Jones have gone through. Life, death, love and loss- Southern Style.

Today, we are excited to present to you the exclusive track-by-track commentary of Heartbreak & Hellfire, penned in a quick anecdotal format by frontman Alan Jones! As always, a selection of tracks have been embedded with their corresponding descriptions, followed by a complete album stream below, courtesy of Spotify. Sit back, hit play, and read on!

“Battle Cry”

This song is a call to arms; not letting any naysayers and people who doubt you stand in your way and proving them wrong once and for all.

“Coming Back For More”

We are reaching out to our fallen heroes who came before us and, in many cases, laid down their lives for rock [music]. “Coming Back For More” is about carrying the torch in their honor and not giving up.”

“Bridge to Burn”

You ever stay in a toxic relationship (or friendship, for that matter) for too long, but you’re afraid to let go [of it] because you fear what’s [possibly] on the other side? … That’s “Bridge to Burn.”

“Midnight Rain”

Sometimes rock-bottom is the only solid footing. This song isn’t a metaphor… Well, none of them are… But, it’s about love lost with knife-twisting betrayal, the aftermath, and moving forward in life with certain uncertainty.

“Seasons Changing”

“Seasons Changing” is an acoustic number about grieving the death of a best friend that you considered as family.

“Something I Believe”

If you have a dream, or a goal, and will stop at nothing- no matter the cost- then this song is for you.

“Man Without A Skin”

Abusive people can bring even the strongest of us to a place where you no longer want to even exist. without going into some really personal stuff, that’s what “Man Without A Skin” is about.

“Wise Man”

This song is about friends who are a few steps ahead of you in ‘the game,’ or in life. It’s an homage to a bunch of people who have helped us along the way and didn’t let us give up.


Though “Someday” is a sad song about lost love and heartbreak, the bridge turns this song into a more empowering story of rising from the ashes, facing your demons, and following your dreams.

“Standing Last”

“Standing Last” is a cautionary tale about taking chances and making moves while you can. You gotta go and you gotta jump now because who knows when it’s all going to end? I can’t tell you [that] I’ll be standing last. Can you?

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