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No Laughing Matter: Unamused Dave to Tour this Winter 2018

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(January 9th, 2018) – It appears that our collective midwinter blues will soon melt away, as Illinois Math Rock/Emo powerhouse Unamused Dave recently announced that they will be hitting the road come February. The tour, which also features New York’s finest sadboys in Only Sibling, will see the band traverse cross-country for nearly a month, beginning in their homestate and ending in St. Louis, Missouri.

The slew of dates below includes all recent updates, including the addition of the St. Louis, Houston, and Little Rock showdates and venues.

The band stated excitedly in a recent Facebook post,

“Excited to announce we are hitting the road this winter with the boys in Only Sibling! Hope to see all y’all there!”


Featuring equal parts sad, jangly modernism, upbeat-yet-self-defeating attitudes, and a classic midwestern emo twinkly daddies (thanks, Bandcamp) sonoric quality, to catch an Unamused Dave show is to hardly be unamused. Energetic, earnest, and enthusing, this is a tour that fans of Hot Mulligan, I Kill Giants, and Posture & the Grizzly cannot afford to miss.


Feb 16th  //  Lost Cross // Carbondale, IL
Feb 17th  //  Sonic Temple // Little Rock, AR
Feb 18th  //  White Swan // Houston, TX
Feb 19th  //  TBA // Austin, TX
Feb 20th  //  Denton Brewing Company // Denton, TX
Feb 21st  //  The Willow // New Orleans, LA
Feb 22nd  //  Handlebar // Pensacola, FL
Feb 23rd  //  Beer N’ Brownies // Tampa, FL
Feb 24th  //  Stranded Sailor // Sanford, FL
Feb 25th  //  The Habitat // Gainesville, FL
Feb 26th  //  Swayze’s // Atlanta, GA
Feb 28th  //  The Beehive // Nashville, TN
March 1st  //  Heavy Anchor // St. Louis

About Unamused Dave

Hailing from the cornfields of the Midwest, Unamused Dave is your basic band that spends their time doing their homework two weeks in advance & wiping their feet before entering the house. Check out their most recent Self-Titled release today on Spotify, Itunes, Etc.





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