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Exclusive Premiere: Stream The Creptter Children’s ‘Asleep With Your Devil’ EP

They say it’s better to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t. What happens, then, when the landscapes shift and devil you thought you knew becomes a fully-fledged nightmare of a new design?

In a singular hair-raising, breath-seizing sonoric event, we invite you to inspect the introspect on the darker sides of our humanity.

On this fine Thursday, we proudly present the exclusive premiere of Australian goth/industrial metal outfit The Creptter Children’s Asleep With Your Devil, in which you can stream the new EP a full day ahead of its release on Imminence Records.

Asleep With Your Devil, to me, is just the beginning of oeuvre and artistic expression that will follow. This new EP offers fans a tantalising sample of the direction The Creptter Children’s musical journey will take them too in the future. After spending many long nights working very hard in the studio on this EP, I was quite pleased to hear the end result. As an artist I can be my own worse critic and will always pick out my flaws. However, I can say I was rather content with the final product and look forward to the next endeavour. My mind never sleeps and I am putting together new song ideas as we speak”. – Iballa Chantelle

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The Creptter Children are a gothic/industrial hard rock band currently based in Melbourne, Australia. They originated from Perth in 2006 by founding members Iballa Chantelle (vocals/guitars) and N8oR (guitars/synth). They released their debut album, entitled Possessed, back in 2010 before touring in the US during 2011. Shortly thereafter they took a hiatus before reappearing in 2016 and quickly catching the attention of American label Imminence Records. They announced their signing with the release of their “Watching You” music video on Halloween of that year.

Renowned for their catchy hooks and dark fashion sense, which stem from the dark and twisted mind of Iballa Chantelle, the band brings to their fans (also known as “Freaks”) her message of creativity, open mindedness, and positive reflection towards spirituality and the supernatural. With influences from Behemoth, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie while being endorsed by Ibanez Guitars and Vampress Fashion, The Creptter Children are ready to take 2018 by storm with a new EP and a label backing them.

Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Imminence Records

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