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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Lumen’s “Kaleidoscope”

Have you ever stood transfixed by the gaze of a kaleidoscope? Did you find yourself in awe at its inherent symmetry- captivated by each and every angle procured at every turn, lost in the beautiful and boundless chasms of fluid reflexive properties? There’s a reason for our seemingly trippy enthrallment that takes it down to the mathematical principles of multiple reflection. In fact, the kaleidoscope’s inventor, David Brewster, laid out a concrete trifecta of conditions that allow  kaleidoscopes to produce perfectly beautiful and symmetrical forms.

A similar approach can be said for the latest single from Augusta, Georgia’s metalcore outfit Lumen. Taking cues from Brewster, Lumen uses a triple approach of fastidious instrumentation, punctilious lyricism, and unrefined heartfelt anger to produce a seemingly infinite and tantalizing compact balance of sadness and aggression.

Today, we have the utmost pleasure in presenting to your eyes and ears the exclusive premiere of Lumen’s new single “Kaleidoscope,” along with its accompanying lyric video.

“‘Kaleidoscope’ tells more of the story that is tied into ‘Sharing An Eye,'” writes bassist Keifer Tuberville. “It also shows a different writing style of Lumen. This song is a heavyhitter with a softer side.”

“Kaleidoscope” is the second single to come from the band’s forthcoming debut album Sharing An Eye, which is set to release on March 23rd via Imminence Records.

What differs in “Kaleidoscope” compared to the band’s previous release “Moon Reader” is exactly what Tuberville was talking about. Where “Moon Reader” started the band with a directive and harsh punctuality, “Kaleidoscope” showcases vocalist Marc Kniphfer’s painstaking cleans alongside terrential downpours of melodic instrumentation- all of which is still deeply entrenched in Lumen’s signature heavy sound.

“…a heavyhitter with a softer side.”

Additionally (and as previously mentioned), Lumen will be hitting the road late this March on a brief stint of a tour with their labelmates in the West Virginian metalcore outfit Curses.  Their single + lyric video release is tied directly to this upcoming tour, or as so Tuberville explains:

Releasing a lyric video will give people a chance to learn our songs and sing with us when we hit the road with our good friends in Curses on March 23rd. They have been really helpful and just all around great guys. We are ready to meet new people and play some amazing shows.

Pre-Order Sharing An Eye


  1. Moon Reader
  2. The Sound
  3. 1000 Birds
  4. Kirin
  5. Kaleidoscope
  6. Life Disease
  7. Indra’s Arrow





About Lumen

In a scene where local bands come and go in the blink of an eye, it’s hard to find a band that sticks out. One band that is up to that task is Lumen, a metalcore outfit hailing from the back alleys of Augusta GA. Comprised of members of previous local bands, Lumen hopes to blend the sounds of its varying members into a unique sound that all genre elitists can enjoy, and to persevere past the local stage to achieve something greater. In January of 2018, the band announced their signing with Imminence Records.



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