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Feel the Rhythm within Jaskelis’ “Busy Body”

(March 8th, 2018) – Singer/songwriter Jaskelis is working hard to make busy work of everyone’s bodies and ears in her recently released rhythmic new single “Busy Body.” The single, which features a punctual and pulsating uptake on her Afro-centric roots, was released with an accompanying colorful music video that was shot by Jaimar and produced by Deriff Productions.

This is by no means any new account of the young singer’s ability to step confidently in any direction of her choosing. Jaskelis (born Jasmine Kelechi Isabel Igwe), has set herself down a mixed musical path since her inception, starting first with her 2016 single “Drawn To You-” a dreamy exploration of contemporary R&B. Her prowess continued to progress, furthering her efforts on her vivacious and liquid-gold tenacity in her 2017 debut album Gin and Jazz into a supple foray of deep soul set to modernistic trap musicality.

“Busy Body” marks yet another tangential directional take in Jaskelis’ depth as an artist, in which she harnesses and hones her Nigerian afrobeat roots juxtaposed with her Finnish and Dutch background in electronic music production. The result is what she and other listeners have dubbed “Modern Afrobeat,” taking cues from dancey African rhythm and upbeat contemporary EDM stylizations with her signature soulful cadence. In laymen’s terms, we’re talking about grooving aural seduction in every possible form.

About Jaskelis

Photo by Bart Notermans

Jaskelis stands for Jasmine Kelechi Isabel. She is a singer/songwriter born in Spijkenisse and raised in Rotterdam and Kotka (Finland). She has Nigerian, Dutch, and Finnish roots. At the moment she is a law student at the University of Leiden, but she has always expressed a deeper desire and ambition in entertainment since her early childhood. At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing:“ I didn’t speak, I wrote.” It wasn’t until the age of 11 that she started sharing her poems and songs with the world. Fast-forward to the present and with an entire EP and uptick new single “Busy Body,” Jaskelis now looks toward a bright future of touring and spreading her dynamic musicianship across the globe. 




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