Track-By-Track: Vile Assembly – ‘Fattened By the Horrors Of War’


If you are anything like most individuals in our particular modern age and society, you are likely in a rather constant state of anguish- lamenting the times, the ways, and the dumbfoundingly neo-nazi fashions that seem to be springing forth from once quiet cupboards and into the public. Desperation from socio-political and economic pressures, coupled with the very real lasting effects of eco-anxiety take their toll, causing us to question and revolt against the systems that ail us so. Thus, the society influenced by the ailment further influences the art, like the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of political struggle for survival- the body of work by the Liverpool punk band Vile Assembly is no exception to this genesis of artistic endeavour.

Vile Assembly’s penchant as faceless whistleblowers in an unjust society dates back to the release of their politically-charged track “Division of Labor,” which is every bit of raucously hard-hitting and roaringly instigative as the title expects. But, as societal relativism suggests in an ethos, such attitudes and lyrical tact have hardly changed over time, culminating most recently in their new album Fattened By the Horrors of War. Every bit as invigorating and inciting, Vile Assembly’s full-length effort is yet another punk reflection on and of a crippled society.

Today, we have the pleasure of presenting to your eyes and ears the exclusive track-by-track breakdown/commentary of Vile Assembly’s Fattened By the Horrors of War. You can listen to the full album stream as you read along, courtesy of Spotify. Enjoy!


This first song is about corporations taking away workers’ rights. If any worker stands up to this type of corporate crime, they find themselves unemployed without a legal system in place to help them, whilst the company still makes incredible profits! “When they want you Gone, You’re Gone, You’re Gone, You’re Gone!”

“Body Bags”

Body Bags deals with how mental illness is at critical levels and the most being done to alleviate this problem is medicating the illness and sending the patient back to work. There is a higher level of mental health deaths in the workplace than ever before! “They don’t want us to feel, They’re going to bring us down in body bags!”

“Last Century Man”

The first verse of this song is about Donald Trump (“This suit’s now in charge of our Defence“); the second verse is about The Pope (“The addled priest in his unholy place, He grooms his riddles of childhood tastes.“) Finally, the third verse is about Prince Charles (“This rent collector has no shame, The People In Transit he says are to blame!“) They are the real “vile assembly,” so to speak.


This is a song about the French Revolution and how Voltaire (Arouet) used his influence and knowledge to help the French people uprise against a brutal system. Times haven’t changed much. The people had the power to overthrow the government. “This Will Be Our Finest Hour (Arouet!)

“Suicide Feast”

This track is about how the rich are making so much money off the increase in poverty and homelessness, and how the banking system and political system are one and the same. They use the power they have to create mass poverty, which increases mass wealth for 1% of the population. “This is a Suicide Feast in a canteen dream, A hidden holocaust.

“Jesus & Poverty”

“Jesus & Poverty” discusses how religion uses the poverty of the people to create an incredibly powerful organisation that uses all types of underworld ethics to control communities into feeling safe in between Jesus and Poverty. “Jesus and Poverty sit hand in hand, making safe somewhere in between.”

“Cunning Man”

The cunning men are these thieving council officials and politicians who use the position they have to pass bills for their corporate friends to help them make money. This is chosen over working towards the health and safety of the people! “What a cunning man, Such an evil man, An evil cunning man.

“Small Fires”

“Small Fires” is a true story about a Syrian man who watched his family die from a chemical bomb and then waited until it was safe to escape and finds safety in another country. Once he escaped, he still had to live with the loss of his family and his life in a country he once loved. “The small fires are starting up again, Burning through the night, Causing deepest pain

“Revolving Door”

This song talks about how humans have stopped evolving and are now revolving, just going round in circles. We need to stop this and we need to join together to make change! “This is a revolving door burnt with demotion from evolution.

“Hurt the One You Hate”

This track is about a relationship broken beyond repair.  It’s about how you still hear and feel the person around you at times, and then the realisation that it wasn’t love in the end, but hate! “I know I walked away, To stop us dying in the walk of shame.

“I’m Gonna Make You Evil”

This last song is about men who feel they are the dominant person in a relationship and if the woman tries to gain any freedom, he will act in the most evil ways to control the relationship- even if that means being prepared to kill them both! “This could be my last look; last smile; last day; last dream- my last breath.

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