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Calling For Unity: Canada’s Ellevator Urges the Chase for Harmony in “Hounds”

(March 13th, 2018) – Hamilton, Ontario alternative rock outfit Ellevator hit the ground running last month with the release of their new single “Hounds.” A dreamy take on alternative-rock and indie-pop fusion, “Hounds” meshes the soaring indie-pop melodies of contemporary indie-pop acts such as Dresses and Regina Spektor with the offbeat alternative grit of acts such as Daughter. The end result is a mellifluous concoction of harmony in sonic motion- a tangible evidentiary element of musical victoria concordia crescit that is destined to become an earworm.

“’Hounds’ is an acknowledgement that we need each other to survive. There’s safety in numbers. We’ve seen how ‘every man for himself’ turns out, and we need to do better.”
Nabi Sue Bersche (Vocalist)

As dulcet a dreamscape as “Hounds” may first appear to the ear, the inspiration behind the seemingly saccharine and somber tune- and its lyrics- comes from a nightmarish place in principal songwriter Nabi Sue Bersche’s mind. Bersche dreams nightly of being chased. Of what this recurring subconscious flare is manifest, Bersche is unsure- only that these crippling dreams began when she was a child. The antagonist of her youthful nightmares were wolves or wild dogs that would chase her endlessly, something Bersche describes now as the hounds that “bite at my heels and prevent me from stopping to ask for help. Their howls whistle through my head, drowning out the voices of others who need help, too. It’s all consuming.”

Whereas a person may succumb to such subconscious torment, Bersche redirected the energy, in its place proudly stands “Hounds” as an emblem of the need for overarching unity in humankind- a sort of modern approach to poet Martial’s vita non est vivere sed valere vita est (“Life is not living, but living well.”)

“We’ve seen how ‘every man for himself’ turns out, and we need to do better.”

“Hounds” comes from Ellevator’s forthcoming self-titled EP, which drops April 20th. While currently performing at SXSW, Ellevator will soon join Our Lady Peace and Matthew Good on a brief slew of Canadian tour dates, all of which may be found on the flyer below.


About Ellevator

Good music seems instantaneous: a decisive rush of expression and dopamine. Hamilton, Ontario’s Ellevator capture that direct hit of immediacy, with a closer listen revealing the meticulous design of their muscular pop songs. Frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche delivers raw lyricism with quiet power. Her nimble melodies anchor the electric hooks and cinematic timbres Ellevator has refined on countless stages.





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