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Kick Off Your Shoes and Dance: Abraskadabra Is Touring

(Marhc 26th, 2018) – The time has come for us to bask in the glory of Spring weather and dance between the bouts of sun and rain, as Brazilian ska-punk ambassadors in Abraskadabra have announced a brand new U.S. tour. Kicking off in mid-April, the 15-day excursion will see the infectiously sunny septet traverse the country from Boston, MA to Denver, CO. A complete list of dates and ticket information can be found below on the official tour flyer.

We had a great time there four years ago and met one of the greatest ska icons, Brent Friedmann,” says guitarist/vocalist Buga. “He’s setting us up with awesome gigs and bands from all over the country and has become a very good friend of ours. We’re very excited to be coming back for the second time.

The upcoming tour is in support and celebration of the band’s 2018 full-length endeavour Welcome, released in February. True to its title, Welcome is every bit inviting and enticing as anyone can imagine, serving a hefty dose of warm, punk-soaked instrumentation and a forward, rigourously breakneck approach to modern ska-punk, calling around for an undeniably danceable dynamicism that will have you kicking around the streets, rain or shine! In short, Welcome, is the dose of fun that the genre so desperately craves and flourishes under.


It’s an album that sums up what this band is pretty well,” says guitarist/vocalist Du. “Fast punk rock songs with horns, melodic vocals and backing vocals. We wanted to give no chill to the listener because we believe this is what punk rock/hardcore/ ska music is all about.

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This isn’t Abraskadabra’s first rodeo when it comes to cross-country touring, especially in the U.S. Since their brilliant inception, Abraskadabra has toured all around Brazil and the US, sharing the stage with legends like Bad ReligionRise AgainstGoldfingerLess Than Jake, and many more. Less Than Jake’s drummer Vinnie Fiorello has even reached out to the band personally to let them know he digs their latest single “Heavy Hitters.” In 2014, the band’s cover of No Use For Name’s “Not Your Savior” was featured in the Fat Wreck Chords doc A Fat Wreck.

15 years on the road would, indeed, make some people road worthy, but all of those sleepless nights in vans is just one part of the power and unity of Abraskadabra as a band. The rest? The band points to the energy and the passion that they put into the music they create, although we believe that the harmony amongst members and soundscape has also to do with the fact that they were all friends first. Regardless the exact measurements of this unbeatable formula, the energy, passion, and friendship shared resonates clearly across Welcome, marking Abraskadabra as one of the most interesting ska-punk bands in Brazil.

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About Abraskadabra

Abraskadabra is a six-piece ska-core band from Curitiba, south Brazil. Having played for more than 10 years now, they grew amidst an energic scene and never stopped contributing for its expansion, as one of the few ska bands nationally. Teeming with such catchy riffs, ultra-powered chords, great melodies and a portion of brazillian roots, they’re certainly a good reason to go out on your dancing shoes if you’re close to them.






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