A Check-Up on Convulsions: Our Interview with Draven Carter


As time perpetually pushes forward, plenty of life’s pleasantries give way to new stuffs of substance for consumption. Music is no exception to this rule of aesthetic progression, with dozens of bands and musicians fading away over time, their creative energies eventually swallowed into a digital abyss as they are churned and reborn into something new.

This is nothing unusual, but it appears much more prevalent as digital integration of social media marketing- particularly in a global setting- allows us all to connect from great distances. As such, people begin to get tense when an artist goes “quiet.” Perhaps it is a precursor to a hiatus, but for Nevada’s filth-laden beatdown hardcore outfit Convulsions, time spent in silence only intensifies their craft. The band recently reemerged from the depths of their studio, unleashing a new live music video for their hit title track “Culture Shock,” off of their 2017 Imminence Records release. The music video release both marks a definitive return to the outfit’s media production and serves as a precursor to newer, rawer, gnarlier material. Convulsions is far from over- they’re gnashing their teeth on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment to seize the stage.

We took the time to sit down with the band’s drummer, Draven Carter, and talk about the music video release as well as the future of Convulsions as they weave a bleak and desolate soundscape. Enjoy!

Ouch That Hertz!:  Hey, Draven! How’s it hanging?

Draven Carter: I’m doing great.

OTH!: So, let’s delve straight into Convulsions- specifically, your new and debut music video! I’m sure you’re more than excited about your first ever video as a band! I have to ask, what made you pick “Culture Shock” to make a live video for? Is it because it’s a fan and/or crowd favorite?

Draven: We actually sort of pre-determined that it would be the first choice for a music video right around when the EP was finished. We didn’t want to do it for one of the songs with guest vocalists, and we already had a lyric video planned for “Dilemma,” so it just seemed like the one with the most energy for a video. It did end up being the most popular song from the EP though, so it’s pretty funny to me how that worked out.

OTH!: I think what I dig most about the video is that- besides watching you dudes bring the slams- it really showcases audience members’ interactions and reactions to your performance. It’s nice to see some community, ya know? Tell me a bit about the making of this live video! Where was it shot at? Who produced it?

Draven: It was produced by the one and only Derek Palmer who also does a lot of stuff for other local bands here and has shot a lot of our promos as well. He’s just an all around great dude who’s good at what he does. And it was actually shot at our practice space at the time, which was like a 15-20 minute drive out of the city most of us live in, so it was definitely tight to see so many of our friends show up to the gnarly building that we practiced in and go nuts despite the heat and everything.

OTH!: Some of these spin kicks and direct punches are wild! What was the craziest moment in shooting the “Culture Shock” video?

Draven: It’s hard to say ’cause it was such a new experience for all of us, but Noah brought all these cookie sheets and there’s a few parts in the video where you can see people hitting each other with them like maniacs.

Everything…is going to be more extreme in every way. Darker, filthier, heavier, louder, and just straight evil.”

OTH!: Would you consider making another music video for another track off of Culture Shock again? If so, would it be another live one, or would we see a scripted one- one that tells the story of the track?

Draven: We’re for sure interested in a music video with an actual narrative, but probably not for anything else off of Culture Shock. We’ve sort of done as much as we want with those songs for the time being.

OTH!: Or, rather, are you guys focusing more on new material? I take it that this video release is a precursor to new things in the works for Convulsions. Do my ears detect a potential full-length endeavour in the near future?

Draven: That’s exactly why there won’t be much of anything else from the EP. We’re so stoked for the new material that we’ve been working on, so going back and trying to do something for one of the old songs feels like a step back. The rest of 2018 is going to be insane for Convulsions.

OTH!: Is the brooding nature of the video for “Culture Shock” any indication as to what future material will look like from you guys? Can fans and listeners expect even darker and filthier than before?

Draven: Everything from the music, the lyrics, the shows, future videos, and the artwork is going to be more extreme in every way. Darker, filthier, heavier, louder, and just straight evil.

OTH!: You guys pulled some extensive tours last year, can we expect any more mini-runs from you guys before you sequester yourselves in the studio?

Draven: We would have liked to do way more touring than we did last year, but things at home just sort of kept that from happening unfortunately. We just want to play our new songs so bad that we actually aren’t planning any shows at all until the album is finished, which won’t be long from now. After that, we’ll be touring as much as possible on the new material.

OTH!: That’s all the time I have for now, Jimmy! Before I let you go, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Draven: I just want to say that even though we’re quiet at the moment, we’re more excited about this band than we’ve ever been and we can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on. Thanks to everyone who’s checked out the video, listened to any of the songs, or just supported us in any way this last year. Convulsions 2018.

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