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Annihilist Signs with Truth Inc Records

(April 19th, 2018) – Breaking out into a music scene within the genre of heavy music is already difficult if you’re from an isolated location like Australia, but Melbourne’s melodic death metal outfit Annihilist is looking to change the narrative on how far and how much it takes. The band has freshly announced their official signing with Truth Inc Records.

The buck, however, barely stops there, as Annihilist has a rather broad conception of hard yakka. The band is currently on tour across Australia and New Zealand, performing at events such as Blacken Open AirUnder the Southern Cross Fest, and Heavy AF Fest. In concurrence, the band will also be re-issuing their debut EP Vol.1 through Truth Inc Records. A complete list of tour dates can be found on the tour flyer below.

We are excited to be sharing our music with a fresh audience worldwide through the backing of Truth Inc Records. ‘Vol.1’ will give heavy music fans a heady dose of the Annihilist sound before we release our full length debut album later this year. The new album is a step up in almost every way. We’ve learned so many things since forming in 2014, especially how we can improve from the EP in terms of songwriting, production, and live sound. Our new material has made us feel like beginners at our own craft, having to relearn everything we thought we knew about our instruments.” – Josh Voce (Guitarist)

Annihilist first hit the heavy music scene in 2014 with a penchant for groove-driven melodic death metal. Their approach has always been that of a progressive twist, focusing on a tendency to meld Euro-centric sweeping riffage and shredding craftwork much akin to Soilwork and Arch Enemy with a contemporary US approach of an all-out assault like Lamb of God and Unearth. They have performed in New South Wales, Victoria, & Tasmania so far, alongside many great Australian contemporaries such as Boris The Blade, Hollow World, Whoretopsy, Hadal Maw, and Orpheus Omega with plans to travel further abroad. In the spirit of fair dinkum Aussie effort, Annihilist is currently working on their second studio release in addition to a substantial touring season. Annihilist’s showcase around Australia is exemplary of the band’s aspirations to tour the country even more extensively in the near future. The band aims to take their music past the Australian borders in hopes to eventually be touring on a global scale.


1. Solace in Suffering
2. Sink
3. Prevail
4. Against The Wall
5. Echoes
6. Embers





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About Annihilist

Established in 2014, Annihilist are a metal band from Melbourne, Australia, loaded with their self-released debut EP Vol. 1 from Nov 2015. With influences extending from all branches and styles of heavy music, Annihilist’s sound blurs the lines between European melodic death metal and the new wave of American heavy metal neatly tied together by their progressive style of songwriting. The Annihilist sound is said to be “an undeniably potent shot of metallic adrenaline which leaves a very strong, and very favourable, impression behind.” (




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