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Exclusive Premiere: Stream All Threes’ “Worth The Weight”


There stands a lot of gravity and truth to the phrase, “Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.” While we agree that such a message’s worth and weight is best carried by the voices of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in Disney’s Prince of Egypt, the practice of it prevails throughout even the most seemingly mundane of livelihoods. We all face our own hardships; we struggle with our battles and wrestle our personal demons on a daily basis. What seems to be the presiding factor in how we survive our very lives is the concept of “Hope” and how fast we hold it. And, just as it’s sung, the simplest shred of belief in hope- the hope to get through a day, to make it through the next week, or even perhaps another year- is impossible to relinquish despite the hardship. Hold tight to Hope and you will prevail even in the face of severe adversity.

Such is a concept that Virginian metalcore outfit All Threes is gripping tight in their new single “Worth the Weight.”

Today, we have the pleasure in presenting to your eyes and ears the exclusive premiere of All Threes’ “Worth the Weight,” along with its accompanying lyric video.

The phrase ‘Believe the Worth in another day’ sums this song up for me,” explains bassist Luke Brugh. “It’s all about the trials and tribulations we all deal with – just trying to find the hope to get through today, with the hope that tomorrow will be better; that it’ll be worth the wait.”



Whereas All Threes’ debut single “Bigly Tremendous” showcased the band’s might and outwardly raw attack, “Worth the Weight” seeks to temper the grit, turning a focus to an unexpectedly gentler side of the band’s musicality. Gentle melodic sweeps and exclusively clean, breathy singing carry forth a certain sincerity in the band’s lyrically devastating delivery- better highlighting the gravity within their overall message.

It’s about…just trying to find the hope to get through today, with the hope that tomorrow will be better…

Hallmark anger is far from all that All Threes embodies- there’s an underlying emotional component to their approach. “Hide the Sun’ was a very emotional record for us to write and record,” states Brugh, adding that the band’s endeavors reflect the turmoil experienced in their personal lives. Despite the disruption, the band’s excitement towards their signing and their upcoming release of Hide The Sun stays a constant and true course, remarking, “We feel confident with the label and the team, and are excited to see what the future holds…We’re really pleased with how the album has turned out and can’t wait to share it with the masses.

Hailing from Christiansburg, VA, All Threes is the latest southern metalcore project from the Southern Virginia area. Featuring former members of Pyro, Ohio and Hide The Sun, All Threes has the right amount of veteran experience to come bursting onto the scene with a high-octane, fiery intensity- something that they hope to channel in their upcoming label debut.

Hide The Sun will be released worldwide on May 18th via Imminence Records.



1. Swole
2. Conditional
3. Bigly Tremendous
4. Cursive
5. Worth The Weight
6. Pretty Squared
7. Set
8. Dream Eater
9. More For Me





About All Threes

All Threes is a southern metalcore band from Christiansburg, Virginia. Established in January 2018 by former members of the bands Pyro, Ohio and Hide The Sun, the group introduced themselves with a new single, titled “Bigly Tremendous,” as well as a full length album being released in May 2018. The band’s current direction perfectly sums up the “roller-coaster” experience for it’s listeners, due to their shape-shifting nature of style and intensity. This attribute ensures the element of surprise while rewarding you with an eclectic mix of songs tailored to accommodate any mood or situation. Sounding much greater than the mountains already conquered in their hometown, the band moves forward into 2018 with the future being bright and loud.




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