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E3: Tuesday’s Winners & Losers


It is officially the second most wonderful time of the year: E3 week! This is a time where all gamers unite to be given presents after presents of gaming related announcements. It is also where publishers attempt to “win” E3 in gamers’ minds. With that said, each conference in itself features winners and losers. So, we will be recapping each day featuring conferences by picking our own winners and losers! Tuesday brought about the last press conference of E3 2018, but it was the most anticipated, as it was Nintendo’s. 


Winner: Kicking Things Off Quickly 

What was assumed to be an opening video to tease what would be in store quickly turned out to be the trailer for the upcoming game entitled Daemon X Machina. (Maybe this was why Daemon Hatfield has been in and out of IGN’s studio all week!) After that realization, the game looked really cool and something that would fit tremendously well on the Nintendo Switch. I am intrigued at the very least. 


Loser: Pokémon 

 As much as I love Reggie, he was just not the right person for the job of hyping up the two upcoming Pokémon games. I think the segment would have been better if done by a developer or was just a straight video to unveil the news that was released. Also I swear to god this is like the 200th Mew distribution throughout the years. We get it Mew is cute and the original mythical, but we can only have so many Mews! 


Winner: Reggie Fils-Aime 

“Something, something, your body isn’t Reggie.” 


Loser: Fire Embalm  

While the new game in the mainline series looks absolutely fantastic and what I would expect the Switch version to look like, the game was pushed back to a Spring 2019 timeframe. This was a game that was revealed at the console launch event back in January 2017 and is looking at a two-year gap from the announcement to release at the very least. This is disappointing to the fans who were expecting the game’s release after it was promised to be released this year. 


Winner: Nindies 

 The addictive Overcooked received a sequel announcement for later this year. But, if that was not enough, Hollow Knight got a surprise release of “Today” during the press conference. And on top of that, Paladins and Fortnite were both added to the console this week. My console can only hold so many indies, Nintendo! Not that I should complain- most of these games are best played on a console like the Nintendo Switch and deserve the rabid appreciation from the userbase they will receive. 


Loser: Sticking to One Game Too Long 

Nintendo spent a long time on Super Smash Bros Ultimate- WAY too long. If this was a normal direct that we went in knowing a deep dive on the game was coming, it would have been perfectly fine. Except with the E3 direct, we expect things to move at a quick pace with the bigger games getting featured directs closer to their release. 


All in all, this year’s E3 felt like most publishers were treading water until 2019 and the potential start of the next generation in 2020. Nintendo seemed to be heading for the easy win, but then spent the last half solely on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It stalled things and, while it was a solid in-depth peek into the game, things like that are what their E3 Treehouse events and featured game directs are for. And with that, the pre-show to the actual expo is finished! 

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