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Updated: Something Persona 5 Related Is Coming in 2019

December 31st Update: Atlus has officially confirmed that more details will be released in March about something related to Persona 5 and “other projects.” The teaser, which can be found below, only includes mention of the Playstation 4 currently.

According to Persona Central, the parked domain has been recently updated and moved over to Atlus name servers. Which if following recent trends of Persona Q2 and the Persona games, among others, assuredly means us gamers will have some news on this “Persona 5 R” in the next two weeks. Per a rumor, this is potentially a complete edition rerelease. Now here is where it gets interesting. There is already an ultimate edition for the game featuring all DLC on the Playstation Store, and EVERY Persona game has seen a rerelease on a portable console. Given the fact that Joker will appear as a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and that Shin Megami Tensei V is announced for the Nintendo Switch there is a strong possibility this game will be coming to the hottest console out there right now. As always, we will keep everyone updated as news comes in.

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