Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Crossing Rubicon is “Seeing Red”

We are pleased to partner with Imminence Records‘ hard rock/metal artist Crossing Rubicon to exclusively premiere the title track to their July 19th album, entitled Seeing Red.

“Justin Credible and I have been friends for a long time. When Rubicon wrote Seeing Red, it was a very personal song dealing with some of my own life situations. Credible and I got reacquainted after a brief falling out when he was going through the biggest challenge of his life, and this song went from being my story to his. Music and wrestling are both an art form that tells a story that everyone in the audience can relate to, and wrestling is the perfect metaphor for this song. Two friends against the world with everything to gain, and everything to loose, having to prove something to themselves and then fuck up the naysayers and critics.”
– Scotty Anarchy

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