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Triple Addiction Find That It’s “Hard to Say Goodbye”

(July 6th, 2019) – New Jersey rock outfit Triple Addiction are back looking to hook listeners on yet another dose of musical candy. The score this time around is “Hard to Say Goodbye,” the first of two summer-time singles to be released from their up[coming record “American Heartbreak.” The track’s title alone gives an already bittersweet taste of their upcoming LP, indicating an overarching feeling of nostalgia that is exemplified in the vocal harmonies and driving country roots on the track.

“The song is essentially about a breakup, but wanting the person to come back,” states the band. “[‘Hard to Say Goodbye’] can be put against the backdrop of any relationship and how there is always more to a relationship than the two people involved will ever know.”

Triple Addiction are no strangers to the concept of the intricacies of such changes and the acceptance of departures. Since their inception in 2016, the band has changed their sound in addition to both lineup changes and life changes. As a result, Triple Addiction has gone in a slightly different direction from their older music, but still retains their core foudning vlaues of spreading a message of positivity, fun, and good vibes to a world so saturated with negativity and anger via a combination of catchy riffs and what they describe as ‘real down-to-earth lyrics’ to reach their audience.

A blast of energy to kick off the summer, Triple Addiction is gearing up for a multitude of releases within the next few months. For now, their dose of “Hard To Say Goodbye” is a surefire fresh pick for those who dually appreciate Alt-Country and Rock music, leaving listeners eager for their next fix.


About Triple Addiction

Triple Addiction is a rock group from central New Jersey who blends a unique sound of classic rock, southern rock, and country into one new but familiar style of music. The group consists of triplet brothers, Chris Loree (lead vocals/Guitar), Jon Loree (drums/vocals), and Brandon Loree (bass/vocals) as well as their best friend Dominic Zamora (guitar/vocals). The brothers started playing together when they were 12. With each family member picking a different instrument, the brothers instantly took to playing cover tunes, and writing originals. Their lyrics are real, their live show is full of fun and high energy, and they are looking to break into the rock and country market.


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