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Games That Deserve A Remake

After seeing the reveal of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 being remade for consoles, I became so excited to relive my childhood and play these soon to be released remakes. We have already received Spyro and Crash Bandicoot collections and I started thinking of all the other low polygon or janky games that deserve, no, NEED an upgrade since their conception. And thus this little list was made! Lets just say it is a great time to have 90’s and early 2000 nostalgia.

Vigilante 8

I have only had a little experience with this classic but because of its legacy and countless sequels I think the 90’s gaming crowd would go crazy for a complete, from the ground up, remake and obligatory couch coop mode with it. This is mainly because like many games of the era, it was the coop that made it shine.

Mega Man Legends

I can talk a lot on the Legends series, so I will keep this short. The limitations of the day had Capcom make this memorable Mega Man RPG. It was fun but one look and modern players will notice how blocky and clunky the original game was. The original game was built for a D-pad on the original PlayStation controller but the game itself took place in a 3D space. This made traversing the world a little weird in turn. Legends 1 and Legends 2 was placed on the PSP in 2005 which probably fixed some of these issues. Slap these two games and the misadventures of Tron Bonne and I think we have ourselves a winner!

Every Final Fantasy for the Playstation One

You read me right, EVERY FINAL FANTASY that was made for the PS1. Already we are getting Final Fantasy 7 in installments and I understand how long that will take. But after Seven, lets get Eight, and in my opinion the best Final Fantasy, Nine. Though Eight has gotten a graphical update we know that Square Enix can make it much more from seeing what they did so far with the Final Fantasy 7 remake. This also includes Chocobo Mystery Dungeon and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Syphon Filter

With third person adventure games not going out of style, Syphon Filter should rear its head once more. This would really need a “from the ground up” remake or perhaps a whole new game as looking at screenshots makes this game feel very outdated. Now we just need to get Splinter Cell back if this comes through.

Ape Escape

My experience with Ape Escape was a mini-game in the bonus features of Metal Gear Solid 3, but I have seen others play it and I think these games need to come back. A game revolving around catching monkeys doing weird things? It is exactly what we want and is sitting next to other weird games like Katamari Damacy.


The original Xbox title is now a name that garners conspiracy as it is thought that Microsoft is making a whole new Fable game. If these rumors are true, I would say it would be smart to remake and make better the original title. It was revolutionary for the time with choosing the good or evil path for your character. I feel this series deserves a little shine.

Metal Gear Solid

The original Metal Gear Solid was technically remade for the Gamecube, which did make it more accessible and playable even by today’s standards, but let someone up the quality and push everything Metal Gear to its limits. Really just remake the original where we first fell in love with Solid Snake.

Mario Party 1,2,3

When listing the best Mario Party games, a lot of people put a Gamecube title here or there, but the N64 parties are unarguably some of the best in the series. N64 graphics are endearing, but the games themselves are the most fun I have had with friends and family when it comes to video games. Do not just give us the best mini-games Nintendo, (I’m looking at you Mario Party The Top 100 for the 3DS) but give us a shiny remake collection for the Nintendo Switch. These three games are honestly so much better than Super Mario Party am I right?

In Conclusion

Games from yesteryear that were trying to figure out 3D are the ones I think need the most upgrades, but giving an older game the modern treatment is also a good prospect to have. If anything, it looks like a bright future for remakes in the coming years. What are the remakes you would love to see done? Please let us know in the comments below.

Other Worthy mentions for remakes:

007 Goldeneye
SSX Tricky and Cool Boarders
Pokemon Snap
Legend of Dragoon
Tomb Raider 1,2 and 3.

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