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5 Reasons Why Sony Will Continue To Reign Supreme

In terms of a video game console war, it does not seem to exist anymore. However, there is competition between all gaming companies and manufactures as one would suppose, and the two companies battling it out with each other are Sony and Microsoft, Xbox versus PlayStation. Many own both platforms, some only choose one, but with the next generation just around the corner there is a lot on the line for Microsoft, especially with its lackluster success of the Xbox One this past generation. So far what is most important in the argument is well, the games. With Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X being delayed indefinitely and so many day one releases being shown on the PlayStation 5, it is quite possible that Sony will win over Microsoft yet again. Here are five reasons that Sony and the PlayStation will stay on top in terms of the more popular gaming company:

PlayStation Exclusive Games

We are not talking about just timed exclusives here, but rather games like Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and Gran Turismo 7. Nowhere else will you be able to play these games, and on day one no lessWhile Microsoft has obtained many developers and studios as of late, little remains to be a AAA game that can go against even one of Sony’s exclusives listed here.

Remote Play

I only bring this up because of the so-called breakthrough technology of game streaming to all devices wherever you have a decent internet connection. Microsoft has been touting its Cloud Gaming technology and while it is impressive, there is a little feature that the PlayStation 4 and 3 had that will probably become part of the PlayStation 5, Remote Play. The possibility to game wherever is not just a current development, it has existed back when the PS3 and the PSP were right out of the box. You can also connect your PlayStation console to any Tablet, PC, Mac, or Android device. Sound familiar? I understand Microsoft also has remote play with any Windows 10 devices. But again, we need to emphasize that Sony and the PlayStation have their console and games on their side, all supported, all playable. 

PlayStation Now

Xbox Game Pass may be one of the best values in gaming when it comes to getting day one releases while only paying a monthly subscription, but PlayStation Now is the answer to getting more games for your buck. Although we do not know if all of PlayStation’s former iterations will be playable on the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation Now service offers as it says on its home page “Hundreds of PS4, PS3,  and PS2 games on demand…[for] $9.99…per month”.  Xbox Game Pass indeed has some great older console exclusives, but one cannot deny the power and veracity of the PlayStation backlog. And for only $9.99 a month? This more than rivals Xbox Game Pass’s plans for budget gaming. 

Increased Haptic Feedback and Audio Quality for Future Releases

I mention these because of Sony’s push of getting gamers to understand the momentum of better rumble feedback that the PlayStation 5 can provide. Games from other companies like Nintendo and the game One-Two-Switch demonstrate what can be done with haptic technology. One can feel whatever the character is doing on screen in a more defined way. Games will feel a lot different and players will become even more immersed than before. And though we do not know the extent of the audio improvements, from the teasers Sony has been showing us it seems audio technology on Sony’s platform might have a leg up on Microsoft’s. 

The Already Faithful and Large Fanbase

Before Xbox even existed you had two choices; Nintendo or PlayStation. And though both had their times in the sun, Playstation’s reach over vast amounts of people can rarely be rivalled by any other. For example, a friend of mine wanted to play on their Microsoft console but because all his friends played on PlayStation he decided to change consoles. Sony has strength in numbers, and if things continue in the way they are currently that audience will be recruiting more fans than ever. No matter how great other competitors features are, the number of players playing your console is the most important factor. 

Do you think Sony will continue to dominate the gaming console market? If so or not, I would love to hear what you have got to say below. 

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