About OTH!

Ouch That Hertz! is an entertainment media publication that operates with a singular mission in mind: to serve the hottest slices of entertainment’s freshest content. From famous classics to newly-picked and inventive combinations, Ouch That Hertz! features media content suitable for all palates, with a predominant focus on music, gaming, and the intersection of the arts & nonprofit organizations. We aim to serve ’em up sizzling and searing for your enjoyment!

Ouch That Hertz! has been appeasing appetites since 2014, when the idea was first born on a sticky note tacked to a bedroom wall of a then-disillusioned collegiate. Behind the punny name stood an idea and a testament: to turn a focus onto the real cheese of the industry; to take deep individual cuts of the whole pie, so to speak, and plate them for all to enjoy. It’s an idea that prevails to this very day.

Behind a panel of laptop screens and insurmountable piles of pizza boxes, we tirelessly pound at our keyboards and sink our teeth into crispy crusts, fueled by an amalgam of steadfast viewership and unadulterated fun. It’s the kind of endless enjoyment that we proudly share with each of our readers with every article published.

For those in want and in need, we are happy and humbled to serve and feed.

Ouch That Hertz!: Take a Slice of Entertainment

Our Team

Katt Coppola – Founder // Music Editor
Ryan Williford – Deputy Editor // Gaming Editor

Gaming Staff Writers: Andrew Fleming, Barrett Stephens, Dalton Bowden, Josh Hammonaco, Justin Singh, Kelly Kapowski

Music Staff Writers: Hiring!

Keep Us Writing

Charitable Donations

Ouch That Hertz! is a fiercely independent music journalism site. We keep you plugged in and listening to the latest and greatest music, from underground rookies, through up-and-comers, to hit favorites. However, maintaining a site and our brand of independence from ads and offered mergers is far from easy. We happily keep your overall reading and listening experience open, casual, and free at the detriment of ourselves- all for the sake of keeping you tuned in to all that you should be hearing. Your donations help us remain as an independent publication. Every amount pledged keeps our site running, our staff paid for their hard and steadfast work ethic, and puts food on our tables. Every donation means another feature written; an artist discovered; a newfound favorite unearthed. We kindly thank you for your viewership and your sponsorship from the bottom of our hearts and our ink caps. With Love, The OTH! Staff



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