Meet the Staff!

12552708_10156459595135427_7608214222431843672_nKatt Hass (Owner/Operator)

Katt hasn’t slept in a very long time. You can follow her coffee-driven ramblings on Twitter @KattIsOnFire.





12472363_1047024548704730_3133872112301135859_nTina Buhalis (Writer/Journalist)

Tina is actually a cat and eats way too much for her own good. You can follow her late-night emo-fueled musings on Twitter @T_Hooks17







johnny Johnny Athey (Writer/Journalist) 

Johnny buys too many records and goes to too many shows and really needs to pay his bills instead. You can follow his strong opinions on Twitter @Born_2_Lose

12923190_10153833469077025_7998734644305256645_n Kyle Macdonald (Photographer) 

Kyle, snapping photos and slapping strings. Follow him for more stunning visuals on Twitter @Kmac_Photo






IMG_3357 Kira Emanuel (Photographer)

Kira is a bat. As such, she’s too focused on hanging upside down and sleeping through the day.









10312453_10208572494575093_8279669027075482705_n Anderson Tilson (Writer/Journalist)

Anderson is not a bat. However, that doesn’t mean that he cares if you follow him on social media.







Ruth Xing (Writer/Journalist)

In her spare time, she skates, writes, plays instruments, and listens to music.  In her not-so-spare time, she studies English, Math, and Music; helps students perfect their college essays; and still listens to music.  Ladies and gentlemen, Ruth Xing!