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Ouch That Hertz! is a fiercely independent music journalism site. We keep you plugged in and listening to the latest and greatest music, from underground rookies, through up-and-comers, to hit favorites. However, maintaining a site and our brand of independence from ads and offered mergers is far from easy. We happily keep your overall reading and listening experience open, casual, and free at the detriment of ourselves- all for the sake of keeping you tuned in to all that you should be hearing. Your donations help us remain as an independent publication. Every amount pledged keeps our site running, our staff paid for their hard and steadfast work ethic, and puts food on our tables. Every donation means another feature written; an artist discovered; a newfound favorite unearthed. We kindly thank you for your viewership and your sponsorship from the bottom of our hearts and our ink caps. With Love, The OTH! Staff


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