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Review: Honeybabe- Creatures Of Circumstance


Not many artists get the honor of saying that they call the “313” home. Detroit has been known for quite a few musical acts, including Madonna, Kidd Rock, Jack White of the White Stripes, and (of course) Eminem. Soon Detroit will be known for another up and coming band, Honeybabe.  Honeybabe are the next hometown heroes, and they are bringing their own special sound to the rest of the “D”.

Founded in 2013, Honeybabe is a five-piece Alternative, Indie Psychedelic-Pop, Space Age-y Pop band. Their debut album, Creatures of Circumstance is an 11 track album that displays all of their talents and musical styles.  Most of this album focuses on sweet psychedelic vibes with an alternative groove. Make no mistake, for as many genres as Honeybabe dabbles in they don’t get lost underneath all of the sounds.  Honeybabe has a distinct sound quality to their music and it parallels the diversity of the city that they hail from. The vocals on this album are enticing and they are similar to Jack White’s vocals, so it gives the album a familiar quality, and fans of the Detroit music scene will appreciate the tonality of the album.

Honeybabe has a distinct ethereal quality to their hard-to-pinpoint music and they are just plain cool. The band has all the makings to become one of the next best hometown acts for local Detroiters. If you live in Detroit or Michigan, or if you’re a die-hard fan of experimental psychedelic rock/funk fusion, then you should keep your eye on these guys- they are the next stars of the Michigan music scene. (Konstantina Buhalis)


Favorite tracks:  Don’t Touch (What’s Not Yours), Knowing is Never Quite Enough,  I Don’t Mind

For Fans Of: Zerfas, Cheers Elephant, Morning Teleportation

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