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Blinding Sunrise Announce Debut Album, ‘This World Won’t Listen’


The Italian melodic metalcore band Blinding Sunrise will be releasing their debut albumThis World Won’t Listen on Sept. 9th, but you can stream it early at Revolver Magazine. The record is a follow-up to their Cold Like Winter EP and is a good listen for fans of Eyes Set To Kill and Bullet For My Valentine. The album also features guest vocals from their friend Dani Nelli of Upon This Dawning on one of the tracks.

“We put all ourselves in this album and it’s been quite an amazing experience,” says vocalist Francesca Erredia. “It was pretty fun, but it’s been hard too, especially for me. I caught a bad cold just a few days before we had to record the last song on the album, so I had to record it while I was barely able to stand on my feet. Thinking about it now, it just makes me smile. I wrote a good part of all the songs on this record and it means a lot. Most of them are very personal and I had to uncover and reveal my soul and all my intimate thoughts and emotions.”

You can check out their single, “Lonely Sailors” (and its official lyric video) off of their upcoming album AND check out the track listing for This World Won’t Listen below!

Pre-order This World Won’t Listen here.

This World Won’t Listen Tracklist:

1. Intro

2. If You Don’t Live for Something, You’ll Die for Nothing

3. Waterfalls

4. Let Me Breathe

5. Oniria

6. Scream Til You Can

7. Sinking with my Pain (FT. Dani Nelli)

8. Children’s Wishes are Men’s Regrets

9. Cold Black Sea

10. Lonely Sailors

11. The Longest Night

12. Broken Windows


Blinding Sunrise is a Melodic Metalcore band formed in May of 2011 in Vittoria, a small town in Italy. The band consists of Francesca Ereddia (Vocals), Mattia Giuffrida (Vocals), Matteo Lorefice (Guitar), Onofrio Butera (Bass), Luca Pace (Guitar) and Valerio Macca (Drums).On September 2011, they composed the first single, “Stab”. The band discovered a lot of different influences by mixing the power of Metalcore and the melody of Emocore.

In 2013, the band released their debut EP Cold Like Winterdistributed by MYO Agency. The record was mixed and mastered atAdrenaline Recording Studios and featured the singles “Hundred Pieces” and “Scream Till You Can”.

Their debut album This World Won’t Listen will be released on 9/9.


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