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Shreddy Krueger Releasing New LP “Deeper Darker” on October 23 via InVogue Records

shreddy kreuger

Shreddy Krueger have announced the release of their new album Deeper Darker on October 23, 2015 via InVogue Records. Their new single’s music video can be viewed below via the InVogue Records YouTube channel.

You can also pre-order the new album here via MerchNOW.

Vocalist Jordan Chase says, “Deeper Darker is a culmination of over a year and a half of tireless writing and recording to create something that we are all extremely proud of. We pushed ourselves in every aspect to create something both musically intense as it is emotionally driven, as heavy as it is somber and as raw as it is calculated. We hope that each of you find something that truly resinates with your current situation, and that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

About Shreddy Krueger

Shreddy Krueger was formed in May 2011 as a casual outlet for four really close friends. The goal was simple, make music that meant something to us first and that incorporated elements of our favorite artists. We weren’t trying to ride the hype of a scene; we literally established our common ground through our favorite heavy acts and started writing. The process was light and fun, but we quickly realized there was a ton of chemistry.

It wasn’t anything we were taking seriously as far as turning into a career, but like any artist, we want to share our music with as many people as possible.

We’ve paid close attention to the state of the music industry and as we navigate it we really want to do something different. Gone are the days of large-scale physical releases, print marketing and endless repetitive touring of stale markets. It’s all about putting on a fun show, expressing your personality and humor online and creating music with integrity and records without filler.

We try to avoid the hype of today’s heavy music scene and keep the core goal of the band intact. Best friends having fun first and any type of success will follow naturally.

shreddy kreuger 2

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