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Dance Gavin Dance Releasing ‘Tree City Sessions’- A Collection of 12 Fan Favorites, Recorded Live in Sacramento, CA- On May 13 Via Rise Records


Experimental post-hardcore 5-piece Dance Gavin Dance will release Tree City Sessions on May 13 via Rise Records.

A collection of 12 fan favorites, recorded live in the band’s hometown of Sacramento, CA, Tree City Sessions is now available for pre-order on MerchNow and iTunes.

Dance Gavin Dance will be performing at So What?! Music Festival in Grand Prarie, TX on March 20th and at Extreme Thing in Las Vegas, NV on April 2.

Formed in 2005, the groundbreaking act recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The band has gone on to release six LP’s with Rise Records, the last five of which charted on the Billboard Top 200.

Track Listing:

1. Alex English (Tree City Sessions)

2. The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 4 (Tree City Sessions)

3. Tree Village (Tree City Sessions)

4. Lemon Meringue Tie (Tree City Sessions)

5. We Own The Night (Tree City Sessions)

6. Thug City (Tree City Sessions)

7. Carl Barker (Tree City Sessions)

8. Death Of A Strawberry (Tree City Sessions)

9. The Jiggler (Tree City Sessions)

10. Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine (Tree City Sessions)

11. Spooks (Tree City Sessions)

12. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman (Tree City Sessions)

Rise Records

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