Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Stream SJ’s “I Love You In the Third Person”


(September 16th, 2016) – We proudly present to you the exclusive premiere of singer-songwriter SJ’s “I Love You In the Third Person,” off of her upcoming debut album Maude, set to be released on September 23rd!

“‘I Love You In The Third Person’ is that moment where time feels simultaneously long and short, that moment when you get up the courage to be vulnerable with another person and they fully embrace you for it. It’s feeling warm, free, alive and fully yourself, and somehow also sharing that with another person.” – SJ

About SJ

0008317739_10SJ is a singer-songwriter trained in classical and genre-specific vocals, Theatre and Marketing student at Northwestern University, and Art Maker. SJ uses art to connect with others: sharing selves through stories and emotion, becoming stronger in unity and empathy, and breaking down inequality.

Connect with SJ!

Bandcamp | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter




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