Track-By-Track: Brookline – ‘Fade’

“We wanted ‘Fade’ to tell a story. We released Two Thirds in the fall to warm people up to our new sound and line up, but we wanted to take some time after that to really develop a concept behind our next release. In mid-December we finished writing the other 3 songs for the EP, “Goodbye,” “Sinking,” and “Lucid,” and felt like we had really accomplished our goal. ‘Fade’ tells the story of becoming aware of your own self-destructive and toxic traits and fighting to take back control of your life.”

Self-reflection is a key aspect of growth and improvement of a person. The process is often daunting- the expectation of being able to take calculated glances at both the highlights and shadows of ourselves is often where people buckle at the knees- what if we can’t face ourselves? Or, worse yet- what if we become frozen in that state, ensnared in our own past traumas? Thankfully, we can escape that possibility through the act of grounding ourselves. Once we are firmly planted in ourselves- when our feet stand upon a stable ground of our own design- we can take that introsepctive leap and still remain present in who we are now. From there, we can take true control of our lives and embark on improving ourselves- effectively becoming the masters of our own lives. Such is the concept that New York alternative rockers Brookline have rooted themselves in. The 5-piece outfit’s  recently released EP Fade is a story of self-awareness in an effort towards personal progression through acceptance- their medium just happens to be a seamless blend of pop-punk and hard-rock, culminating in a 90s emo-inspired edge.

We are proud to present the exclusive track-by-track commentary of Brookline’s new EP Fade, penned by vocalist Tommy Carter. Enjoy!


I knew this song had to be the lead track on our EP the first time I heard the instrumentals. The guys had called it “Goodbye” before there were any lyrics put to the music and, in my mind, it instantly fit. The highly energetic song gave me an outlet to express my anger and misery about a past relationship in which I was lied to and cheated. I was so in love with this girl that I didn’t want to believe the things I was being told and I shrugged them off for a long time. The line “I still see you through rose colored glass” tells how I still think about all the good times we had and how I want her to be the way I saw her, though I know she wasn’t that way. This song is about the struggle of finally saying goodbye.


The second track and second single from our EP is an upbeat, yet emotional portrayal of a relationship ripped apart by addiction. This is not an easy topic to talk about, but it was one that Mikey and I felt we needed to write, as it is a topic that hits close to home for us. The chorus sings “Like a ship at sea you’re sinking, and I can’t be your lighthouse beacon,” telling how although one of them needs help, the other can no longer sit by and watch them continually damage their own health, or their relationship.

“Two Thirds”

“Two Thirds” will always be special to me. When I joined the band, this song was already written and recorded with their old singer, but wasn’t released yet. I took the instrumental home and sat with it and rewrote it, and the response I got from the guys showed me that I could do this. This was the lead single from “Fade.”

This is a very relatable song about someone being stuck in your head even though you put that chapter in your life away. It brings back memories, good and bad, and all you want is to find your peace of mind from it all.


The last song on our EP, “Lucid,” is about regaining control of your life. I fell into a deep depression- and that’s something that is hard to come out of. For me, it is always there in my mind; it’s a constant battle. Again, this song was called “Lucid” before I wrote the lyrics, and it made me think of a lucid dream, where I could take control of what was happening in my life and make it what I wanted it to be. The chorus says “Finally I’ll control this, take hold of what I’ve seen. All I ask is save me from what I used to be.” Even though the dark feeling is still in my mind, joining Brookline and forming these relationships with Mikey, Chris, Dae and Matt has shown me some light and brought the desire back to make music and share it with the world.


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