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5 Reasons Microsoft Deserves To Win The Next Generation

Though many industries, including video games, have been stunted lately, one thing is for sure, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is coming this year. Though the Playstation 5 is around the corner, I feel Microsoft has not only corrected its missteps from the past generation, but has gone far beyond in how they are treating their community. Here are five reasons that Microsoft deserves to win the next generation.

Xbox Game Pass

What is that you say? A Netflix like service for video games that costs at the most $15 a month? You better believe it! Microsoft has made the best thing to happen to gaming since Super Mario Brothers. For less than $20, gamers can have access to Microsoft’s online infrastructure and its vast library of games. All 1st party Microsoft titles launch here day one, so if someone was remotely wanting to save money on a new Microsoft game, here is their way to do it. Not sure if you want to dive in? You can try the service for literally a dollar for the first month.

Technical Power

Microsoft has been touting its power over the Playstation 5 for some time now, and though the two cannot be compared and analyzed in depth, the technical specs of both consoles have pretty much been revealed. If players want to game in 4k or forbid 8k, Microsoft has their back. We know that both consoles will look pretty dang good but getting the most powerful machine helps in more ways then one. Better Graphics? Of course. Faster processing? Absolutely. Astonishingly less load times? The meme of “shut up and take my money” comes to mind.

The Xbox All Access Program

Another mind-blowing program in order to play next gen games without a fuss? Yep, again. While the Game Pass program focuses on just that, the games. The All Access program gives buyers not only Game Pass for 24 months but a Xbox console with no upfront cost. That’s right, 0% APR, and they can upgrade to the new Xbox Series X within 18 months of your order date. What is the catch you ask? There is none, and for all that they only need to pay $25 for 24 months. Way cheaper than buying a console brand new with a few games only? Yes please, just yes.

Xbox Game Streaming/Project-X-Cloud

So let us say you got an Xbox but you cannot bring it or a gaming PC with you on a trip. Sure you can break out the Nintendo Switch, as many of us will, but at this moment you really want to play Xbox and high fidelity 3rd party games like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. Subscribing with Game Pass Ultimate, the 14.99 a month plan, grants players the ability to use Microsoft’s game streaming service that can stream to virtually any phone, tablet, or PC. If someone wants to play any and all popular games anywhere, this feature is literally there for them. Don’t like touch screens? Many companies are already making attachments to phones that will allow players to hold a wireless Xbox controller comfortably below their screen.

A Vast Backward Compatible Game Library with Updated Visuals and Performance

Sony’s announcement of giving backwards compatibility to 100 of the most played Playstation 4 games leaves us with the question of, will all generations of Playstation Games be compatible with the Playstation 5? [Editor’s note: Shortly before posting it was revealed only Playstation 4 games would be compatible.] Though the Xbox series of consoles does not have as long a legacy as that of Sony or Nintendo, they are stepping up to the plate promising compatibility with games from each of their consoles. Beyond just being able to play them, many of these games will be optimized for the new hardware showcasing better graphics and performance in general. Older games will literally be better than when they were first released in terms of load times and looks. 


Microsoft has gamers covered on all fronts if you have little to no cash to spend in terms of playing games and getting an Xbox. And because Xbox is owned by Microsoft, one of the giants of computing in the world, they are providing gaming power beyond our wildest dreams THIS YEAR. In the past, Microsoft has suffered from a lack of 1st party exclusive games. That is set to change with their countless acquisitions within the last couple years, and makes an argument that Microsoft will have the games to play. Again, Microsoft is not only on the right road, but is on the path to success even before its release of its next gen console. Because of all these points Microsoft more than deserves to come out the winner of this next generation.  

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