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Review: The Gospel Youth – Kids EP



Do you miss the early 2000’s pop-punk? The anthemic ballads that fused punk with pop-rock style? Or driving down the road, blasting the melodic, soft riffs of your youth? If nostalgia has been hitting you hard, then look no further than The Gospel Youth. The 3-piece outfit from Brighton, UK has just released their debut 3-track EP, Kids, and they’ve packed it full of catchy riffs that will have you bouncing and bopping your head as you sing your heart out to the sound of your youth.

“Mixtape” kicks off the EP with a display of the bands soft, anthemic sound.  Melodic soft riffs are paired with smartly implemented percussion, creating an overall bouncy sound that you so desperately crave. It’s like All Time Low blended with New Found Glory, and the result is a driving, poppy melodic sound that will easily get stuck in your head for days.

Next up is “Kids”, where The Gospel Youth flexes their pop-rock prowess in this equally-as-catchy song. Light, bouncy riffs and banging drums mark this extremely catchy track that will have you jumping and singing along to well-crafted verse & chorus.

We end with “H.L.B.”, a track in which there is no mistaking the band’s softer pop-rock side in this power ballad. Light melodies are set in the background of their vocalist’s heartfelt words, creating an overall empowering sound that will have you singing and swaying along.

Overall, this EP is a real catch. The Gospel Youth set my nostalgia sensors ablaze in every song and every verse. You can hear and feel the energy and raw emotion put into every note and every word. Kids is the college refresher course on early 2000’s pop-punk/rock blend that you need for the sound you truly miss. You absolutely should keep your eyes and ears on these guys, regardless if you’re looking for a nostalgic reminder of a past sound that you truly enjoyed. (Katt Hass)


For Fans Of: All Time Low, New Found Glory, Since Forever

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