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Mayfield Releases “Back Home” Music Video

(January 12th, 2017) – Ottawa, Canada melodic hardcore quintet Mayfield released their new music video for their single “Back Home,” off of their late-2016 EP Hollow Embrace. The video, which was shot and produced by The Trenches Media Inc., originally premiered yesterday via Dreambound’s official Youtube channel.

“Back Home” is a lyrical journey into painful flashbacks of jovial memories that are now distant and unattainable, thus creating a sense of reeling at and wallowing in the emotional emptiness that results. That isn’t to say that Mayfield is without emotive properties or vacant: strained, compressed screams backed by punctual, throbbing percussion, and hard-hitting, jangly chords rather perfectly illustrate and reflect the emotional roller coaster portrayed by the weighted lyricism. Complimentarily forthright, relentlessly frank, and tactfully poignant, Mayfield’s heartfelt delivery and visual performance in “Back Home” invokes a form of compassion and tender appreciation- a commodity that nowadays seems so unbelievably frail.

While Mayfield hasn’t announced any further plans or musical endeavors, I hold confidence in their newly set course- a path that, with the right amount of determination and continued hard work, will see them achieving newer and greater heights.

About Mayfield

Mayfield is a melodic hardcore band from Ottawa, Ontario, comprised of members Zach, Brad, Patty, Zane, and Wes.

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