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Zachary Kibbee Releases “What Did I Ever Do?” Music Video

(January 27th, 2017) – Fiery Bluesmaster Zachary Kibbee is back with today’s release of a new music video for his single “What Did I Ever Do?” off of his 2016 LP Songs From the Mud. Part grit, part funk, and all-around dirty blues, Kibbee ceaselessly showcases his explosive musical might in Songs From the Mud, which skyrocketed him into the limelight, producing now two stellar cinematic music videos and a feature in a Victoria’s Secret ad!

In a previous track-by-track with us, Kibbee reflected on the message behind “What Did I Ever Do?”:

“Sometimes I’ve found myself looking back at past relationships and wondering what I did exactly that made that girl say or do the things she did, and sometimes I can see what I did wrong that drove a woman mad, but ‘What Did I Ever Do?’ isn’t about that, really. It’s about trying to find my mistakes but not being able to, and just wanting to know what I did to cause such a tremendous reaction.”

About Zachary Kibbee

Zachary Kibbee is a Los Angeles native who is influenced by a variety of genres. Picking up a guitar for his first time at age 14, Zachary quickly adapted to the 12-bar blues and set his sights high. Three years later, he experienced a definitive moment as his blues band opened up for the legendary BB King at the Abbot Kinney Music Festival in Venice, California. As his sound changed, his band hit the road and toured the West Coast and mid-West territories. His experiences taught him that he had to go solo to recapture the classic blues progressions of his earlier years. Zachary Kibbee is now rockin’ under his own name and brings a charging and seductive swagger back to the classic genre.

His 4-track EP Little Clocks is available now for download on iTunes. The lead track “My Own Two Feet” was featured in a nation-wide Microsoft Surface Pro 3 campaign. Several of his other songs have been featured in a variety of programming from feature films, various advertisements, and popular television programs including Secrets & Lies, Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Hemlock Grove, House Of Lies, Graceland, and several more. Zachary’s hit song, “My Own Two Feet”, will also be heard as the end title song to the upcoming Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville film, ‘Skiptrace’.

Zachary Kibbee’s debut full-length album Songs From The Mud is out now! As of May 3rd, 2016.

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